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How to make Shoes, Boots and Lasts

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   Because the height of shoe making was in the 1800s and early 1900's most books are dated between these times.


How to Make a Lastmakers Bench and Long Knife

A Short Treatise On Boots and Shoes

American last making

The Manufacture of Boots and Shoes F. Y. Golding Volume IV

The Manufacture of Boots and Shoes F. Y. Golding Volume VI

Includes :

      Bespoke Bootmaking by J. Ball

   Handsewn Bootmaking by H. Rollinson, A.B.S.I.


Corrections of the Pronated Foot  Technical Paper by: G. K. Rose,

Custom Boot Making

Designing, Cutting and Grading Boot and Shoe Patterns C.B Hatfield

Dictionary of the Foot

How to Make Rubber Boots

The Best form Of Shoe

Dress and care of Feet

Elementary Course In Practapedics

Facts Worth Knowing about Leather Boots and Shoes

Footwear materials and processes

The Human Foot and the Human Hand

Hides and Skin and the Manufacture of leather

How Shoes are made with machinery

How to Make a Shoe

How to Bottom a Welted a Shoe by Hand

How to Inlay Leather for Western Boot Making

Creative stamping 101 Introduction to tools and rules by Paul Burnett

Leather Carving 101 the Layout Misconceptions and Axioms  by Paul Burnett

Leather Moulding workshop by Paul Burnett

Painting Leather Correcting Misconceptions by Paul Burnett

How to Make Western Boots

How to make leather boot and shoe laces

How to tan a Snake Hide- author Unknown

The Make it yourself Shoe Book.

Foot Care and Shoe fitting

Manual of Shoemaking

Manual of manufacture of the Shoe Uppers

The Manufacture of  Lubricants, Shoe Polishes, and Leather Dressings

The Machanical Distortions of the Human Foot  J. Plummer

The Mechanics of the Foot by H.J. Hicks

Merchandize Manual for Shoe Departments

Notes on the Purchase, Manufacture,and Inspection of United States Army Shoes and Shoe Lasts

The Best From of Shoe- Petrus Camper

Practopedics by W. Scholl

Professional Shoe Fitting coming soon, contact us if interested in this book

The Romance of the Shoe- by Thomas Wright (History of shoe making)

Shoe Making Book Written in Russian

Shoe and leather encyclopedia

Shoe Making Old and New- by Fred. Gannon

Shoes and Shoemaking A brief sketch of the History and Manufacture of Shoes from the Earliest Time by W, C. Morgan.

Shoes, Physiological and therapeutic  a technical paper by Dexter D Ashely M.D

Study of a Week Foot by Royal Whitman, MD.

The importance of positive support in the curative treatment of weak feet and a comparison of the means employed to assure it. .  A technical paper by by Royal Whitman, MD.

 The Art and Mystery of of a gental craft ( how to make a shoe pair) by John O'Sullavan

The art and mystery of a; cordwainer or,an essay on the principles and practice of Boot and Shoe-Making.

The Art of boot and Shoe Making J. Leno
The Art of Leather Manufacture by Alexander Watt

The Book of Feet by J. Sparks Hall

The Boot and Shoe Makers Assistant

The Building of a Shoe by F.H. Nicholas

The Finisher's Manual.Containing the Recipts of an Expert for Finishing the Bottoms of Boots and Shoe,as well as other valuable information ......

The human Foot Anatomy, Deformities and Treatment by WM Scholl

The Human Foot its form and structure by  T.S. Ellis

The Soldiers Foot and Military Shoe  by E.L. Munson

The Misery of Boots by  HG Wells

The Organization of the boot and Shoe Industry in Massachsetts before 1875- By B.E. Hazard

The Shoe Industry- by Fred Allen

The Shoe Last  ( coming soon- contact us if interested in this book)

A training course for retail shoe sales man ( a comprehesive look into shoe construction)

Why the Shoe Pinches by H. Meyer

Anatomy of an athletic shoe

A comparison of trial shoe and shell ( trial)shoe fitting techniques  A technical paper by R.C-C. CHEN and M. LORD

The Foot, Last Shoe.  -A technical paper on comparison of the foot last and shoe and finding the best fit.

How a running shoe is made by Catherine Kolecki

How to Make Heels for high heel shoes by J.L. Van Ness 1917 ( this is dated but very informative- is in patent format)

Clinical Use and Fabrication of Molded Thermoplastic Foot Orthotic Devices Suggestion from the Field  by Gorden. Doxey

The Semi-Flexible Foot Orthotic: Fabrication and Guidelines for Use Gordon e. Doxey

 The Boot and Shoe Industry, practices, hygine and the like state board of health Massachusetts

The Manufacture of Leather  by C.T. Davis

Manufactured Shoes and Orthopedic Shoes  - A technical paper by Lily Heijnen, Michael Heim, Hans In der Maur, Rob Jansen

Training for the shoe industry, U.S.War Effor WWII



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