Lastmaking Course 101







We utilize the foot model as a last blank ready to be shaped and carved into a last, but no more guessing and sculpting foot beds.


In the traditional way of shaping lasts, a block of hard wood is shaped.  Into a rough form to facilitate shaping the last further 

Other methods are called a rough turned last. It is turned into a wide-ranging shape matching the general parameters of the lastmakers' design intent.


These are called last blanks. From that point, the profile and sole shape designs are applied to the block for the last  /bespoke footwear maker to complete his/her work.


At we apply the same principles to the foot model as is traditionally applied to the last blank and factory last modification procedures. This is the difference

between modern custom moulded lasts and what we teach our students. Once we have attained a foot model, we DO NOT simply add toe boxes and cones and stop there. Students learn the metamorphic procedure from a foot model into a last seeing the foot model as a last blank to be transformed into a last with any heal height and shape desired.


The benefit to the customer of this type of last is that a supportive plantar surface is maintained, adding an extra layer of comfort to custom footwear customer. The benefit to the student of utilizing a foot model vs. a last blank is the volume you see in front of you is all the volume you are going to need to create your last. There is no guessing.


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