Advanced Footwear Design: Pattern Making

You have learned to make a physological/anatomical last, you have learned how to make a production last.  Now, as a footwear designer, understanding how to make your own patterns gives you a winning edge over trying to purchase patterns.  In this class you will learn to drape, shape and form patterns that will fit a last you designed.  Understanding and being able to execute patterns of your last designs gives you full control over the designing process of footwear. You will learn a basic pump, derby, oxford, moccasin, tennis shoe, and basic boot patterns. You will learn how to cut patterns for innersoles and soles.   This class is designed for those interested in developing a model pattern, and last a footwear line  as well as the custom boot or shoe maker. 


This course has not been schedualed yet, Please contact us if interested in signing up for this course


Prerequisite:Certificate , registration on record, proof of completion of the intermediate course. or proof of current sucessful shoe or boot making business.



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