Advanced Footwear Design- Advanced Lastmaking


This is a boot and shoe last engineering course is specifically designed for production lasts or lasts made for model footwear with out an individual intended wearer, but instead, an intended target market. You will be presented with establishing styles for different foot types and their parameters. 


 This course will allow you to be a designer of model lasts thus footwear for the general public. Students analyse footwear construction, componets, and shoe sizing to apply to grading a last from a model last.  This is a  traditional last design class that is science and artfully based. Unlike the physiological last presented in Intermediate last making, you learn how to read and work off of charts and tables in order to achieve sole and last shapes, foot volume and breadth, styling and design model lasts, and then size them according to a design run from the original model last you designed. It continues the  instruction from the research done by the factories throughout the 20th century regarding proper last making theory presented in the intermediate course. You will learn how to design, make and shape lasts based on common measurements and norms.


This course has not been schedualed yet, Please Contact us if interested in signing up for this course


Prerequisite:Certificate , registration on record, proof of completion of the intermediate course.




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