Making Orthotics and Custom Shanks


Description: In this workshop you will learn proper foot casting techniques for capturing a planter surface properly. Then you will learn industry methods for how to transfer this casting technique into supportive shanks and arch support inserts. Some biomechanics of the lower extremities is presented in this class.  for a more in depth education in this area, please refer to Intermediate last making.  All in class supplies are included. Additional supplies for you to take home with you will be available for sale but are not required for class activities. If After the workshop, you are interested in a more in-depth knowledge of last making, registration sheets will be available for our consecutive courses in beginning last making, intermediate last making and Advanced last making courses.


Prerequisite: None


When:  April 4-8 2010



Price: $ 595.00  

Prepayment is required for registration

 Class space available:       7