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Privet classes



Privet classes/lessons are available for those who want a more personalized class, cannot make it to the scheduled class or do not want or need a class experience.  I offer individual classes that are specifically designed for the last construction concerns of the individual. Upon your first day, I will show you class materials that are covered in my in-depth course " intermediate last making, and see your interest level of each part.  Then we will cover these subjects as in-depth, progressively and expediently as possible. Your personal class will be expedited as quickly as you can absorb the information. Because everyone learns at different rates, there is no guarentee how much material will be covered in the time purchased.  However, I will make my best effort to give you as much information as is academically possible in the time purchased. Hand outs and notes will be provided as part of your class reminders of what was taught in class.


  Privet classes often will go a bit faster than a regular class , being that all the attention is on you, your learning and concerns. (prices do not change for the course selected because it went faster.) 

  There is a one-week Minimum.  A week is 5 days long Monday- Friday. classes are 6 hours long daily  Classes do not meet on the Weekends.


Prepayment for the one-week minimum is required through paypal. I do not accept privet checks, money orders or cash. Your monetary commitment solidifies the agreed upon day.  Therefore, Pre paid Scheduled private classes are non refundable.


Purchase a privet lastmaking class for one week: Contact us for pricing and information.


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