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Our effort to resurrect a once dyeing art of hand last making for a veriety of feet has been successful.  The process has come out of the dark. We have cultivated the custom physiological moulded last and continue to promote this type of last for proper foot comfort and function.  We also teach hand last making for production lasts for the small-scale footwear designer who cannot start off with modern expensive equipment. Help us continue this arts tradition and pass along custom shoe making and last design for generations to come.


Your money helps fund

      Student scholarships,

       New equipment,

       Building Maintained, Rental and Student Housing

       Community awareness

       Operation expenses.

       Research and development

       Develop innovative strategies for reaching more people, with higher quality resources, and for increasing the number of volunteers developing new technological advances easily accessble to the custom footwear maker and processes. 


As with most schools our school relies on your individual donations.



Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


Donate Now

 We are currently accepting shoe making equipment, tabletop last lathe and computer equipment donations.


  Please contact school administrator for further details.



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