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W elcome to Lastmaking


The feet are the foundation of the whole body.  What we put on them makes a difference on how the body reacts and feels like as a whole.  At Last making I take this concept very seriously and make sure that each student understands what we are teaching him or her before going on to the next step.


 It is our goal to:


The privet and Intermediate last making courses you are presented with making the custom moulded last.  It was developed for those who have no last making, woodworking or sculpture experience. This type of last was developed by Marlietta Schock to illustrate last making to beginning last makers, to give him/her successful knowledge and skill base to complete last making procedures in both wood and plastic.


After completing the intermediate lastmaking course be it as privet classes or in a class room setting, the student will be prepared to hand carve wooden lasts or remain in the custom moulded last making procedure.  Although this procedure is appropriate for all types of last and shoe makers from beginner to the professional, it’s primary driving force was to make last making available to all who desire to design their own footwear but know very little about wood. The custom moulded last process eliminates the mystery out of the wood to last shaping relationship during the lastmaking learning phase and concentrates learning of last design, and making from easily shaped materials. Therefore the student’s education is focused on what is important: Last design engineering and shaping.




Privet Lessons and Classes


 Mould Making for Model Last Making or Model Last Duplication. 



 Last Making 101 (shoe form making)


       Last Making 101 course brochure


Advanced Footwear Design- Advanced Last making

Advanced Footwear Design: Pattern Making

Designing Heels and Soles 



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