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Designing Heels and Soles

The heel is to the shoe as the shoe is to a polished outfit. Some of the most creative expressions in footwear comes from interesting heels for pumps and boots.  In this class you will learn how to design and make heels for pumps and boots.  Molding techniques used in the factories will be presented. We have seen heels that replicate tree trunks, legs of a giraffe or a diamond ring.  Once you understand how to design and craft creative heels, you will learn mediums and materials that are possible to create your heels from.


A certificate of the intermediate course for last making from lastmaking is required in order to take this class.

 Price: 1666.00  class meets for one week. 

This course has not been schedualed yet,

 Please contact us if interested in signing up for this course


Prerequisite:Certificate , registration on record, proof of completion of the intermediate course. or proof of current sucessful shoe or boot making business.


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