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Marlietta Schock is the Founder and educator of the classes and workshops at Last Making


Interested in historical fashion design methods, she was trained in domestic arts such as sewing, crochet, knitting, and lace making by her mother and grandmothers.  She took to fashion design easily and went on to make high priced silk wedding gowns that included hand made lace and hand beaded embellishments. One of the major steps in making a custom gown was life casting the individual for a dress form.  In the late 1990's, she discovered a book on shoe making. This introduction peeked her interest to delve further into how to design shoes from the shoe form to the final product.   In 2003, She began to do research on shoe making, but what remained absent in most of the information was how to make a last especially different kinds of lasts. Because of her life casting experience with dress forms, it was her goal to apply this same knowledge to making shoe forms.


Marlietta spent 7 years learning and practicing foot wear form design and last making.  She was guided by many masters of the trade during her training. 


In 2008, during her training in ped-orthy, Marlietta discovered the missing link between a custom moulded last and traditional last making. It was then the custom physological last was born and her goals of beginning a last that looks like a last and performs like a last from a foot model was achieved.



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